Where are you at on the leader board?

Don’t miss your chance to win some great prizes. Check out the Leader Board now!

The Points tab is where you can see where you rank with everyone else, your points, and how to get more points. It’s important because the top 3 members win the gift cards. The other prizes will be part of a drawing. The leader board is always current so check it often.

We are excited to give back to our members, so start racking up those points and see what you win! We plan to add more prizes as we move through this contest and even do the daily giveaways.

Leader board 2/10

If you would like more information about our current contest check out our Contest page.

This will give you all the information needed for the contest. Not only do we have the three gift cards for the top point achievers, but we are also starting to add prizes for the drawing.

We just added 6 20oz mugs engraved with Side X Side Nation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or message us.

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