What’s Down To Fabricate Building?

What’s Down To Fabricate Building? It’s a CanAm 6×6 that will be getting a tow bed installed so they can offer complete recovery services.

What’s Down To Fabricate Building

What’s Down To Fabricate Building?

Here’s a little more progress on the DTF Down To Fabricate Powersports 6×6 tow truck. We got all the top parts cut out of 3/8 plate. It doesn’t take long to get stuff done when you got good guys working on it down to fabricated is knocking it out.

DTF Down To Fabricate Powersports and recovery will soon be headed to royal blue. The Can-Am 6×6 is at our shop in Indiana, getting the tow truck bed put on it with racks and winches.

DTF also has a full-service and accessories business located in Pioneer, TN., directly across from Tide Royal Blue. Come stop by and check them out!

DTF Powersports performs repairs and offers high-performance accessories for side-by-sides. Make sure you check out everything Down To Fabricate has to offer.

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