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What do you think Polaris is up to now

What do you think Polaris could be up to with this? Does it have a BELT or CHAIN?

The United States Patent Application 20220032912 Filed by Polaris on February 3, 2022

A drive system driving front wheels and rear wheels of a vehicle includes a powertrain comprising an output shaft, a rear driveshaft coupled to the rear wheels, a drive mechanism coupling the output shaft to the rear wheels, a front driveshaft shaft coupled to the front wheels and a prop shaft coupling the rear driveshaft and to the front driveshaft.

A BELT what is that?

What is Polaris up to?


Referring now to FIGS. 2-4, the drive assembly 22 relative to the powertrain 20 is set forth in further detail. The powertrain 20 may include an engine 30 that is coupled to a transmission 32. The transmission 32 may be eliminated in some embodiments. The powertrain 20 has an output shaft 34 that rotates at an axis that may be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis 36 of the vehicle as illustrated. Of course, other orientations may be provided, The output shaft 34 may have a sprocket or pulley 38. A chain or belt 40 rotates with the output shaft 34 and the sprocket or pulley 38. The chain or belt 40 rotates a sprocket or pulley 42 that is ultimately used to couple the rear wheels 16 through half shafts 44. A rear coupler 46 such as a rear differential has a shaft that is common with the sprocket or pulley 42. The rear coupler 46 is coupled to a prop shaft 50. As the rear coupler 46 rotates, the prop shaft 50 rotates causing the internal sprockets or gears of a front coupler 52 such as a front differential to also rotate. The front coupler 52 rotates the front half shafts 54. The front coupler 52 and the rear coupler 46 may also include right angle drives and beveled sets of gears.


A sprocket or pulley is described as well as a chain or belt. Should a belt be used, pulleys will be used. When a chain is used, a sprocket is used at both the output shaft of the powertrain 20 and the sprocket or pulley 42 disposed in the drive assembly 22.


As is best illustrated in FIG. 2, the powertrain 20 and, in particular, the engine 30 and the transmission 32 are located directly above the prop shaft 50 in a vertical direction. This allows a space efficient configuration for the drivetrain.


In operation, the output shaft of the powertrain rotates. The output shaft has a sprocket or pulley associated therewith. As the sprocket or pulley rotates, the chain or belt 40 moves, causing the sprocket or pulley 42 to rotate the transaxle shaft 48. The transaxle shaft 48 causes the rear half shafts to rotate the rear wheels. The rear coupler 46 rotates with the transaxle shaft 48 and causes the prop shaft 50 to rotate. The rotating prop shaft 50 is coupled to the front coupler 52, which in turn rotates the front half shafts 54 and causes the front wheels to rotate. The wheels rotate on an axis that is different than the axis of the transaxle shaft 48 and therefore a double offset joint may be used to couple the transaxle shaft 48 to the wheels.


The foregoing description has been provided for purposes of illustration and description. It is not intended to be exhaustive or to limit the disclosure. Individual elements or features of a particular example are generally not limited to that particular example, but, where applicable, are interchangeable and can be used in a selected example, even if not specifically shown or described. The same may also be varied in many ways. Such variations are not to be regarded as a departure from the disclosure, and all such modifications are intended to be included within the scope of the disclosure.

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All information in this post provided by the United States Patent Application 20220032912

Can-Am United States Patent Application

What do you think Polaris is building here?

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