What do you think Polaris is building here?

United States Patent Application 20220032701

Let’s have a look at what Polaris might be building now.

A utility vehicle with ergonomic, safety and maintenance features is disclosed. A vehicle is also disclosed with improved cooling, suspension, and drive systems. These features enhance the utility of the vehicle.

The present invention relates generally to a vehicle and in particular to a vehicle with ergonomic, safety, maintenance, and other features.

Vehicles including utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, and others are known. It is known to provide vehicles with forward and rear covered storage compartments such as trunks. It is also known to provide vehicles with rear platforms covered by roofs and with exposed rear cargo beds. It is also known to attach sub-assemblies having axles, such as trailers, to vehicle hitches in a pivotal manner.

Utility vehicles are also available which comprise a plurality of ground engagement members, a main frame supported by a first portion of the plurality of ground engagement members, an engine supported by the main frame and configured to provide power to at least one of the plurality of ground engaging members, an operator area supported by the main frame, the operator area including seating for at least two occupants in a side-by-side arrangement, steering controls operatively coupled to at least a portion of the plurality of ground engagement members, and engine controls operatively coupled to the engine.

For example, a utility vehicle of the type disclosed above is shown in our U.S. Pat. No. 6,923,507. It is desirable to provide a vehicle of this general type which might be used for military capable operations. It is also desirable to provide such a vehicle with a somewhat smaller overall footprint, yet maintaining very mobile attributes, both in the suspension and in an all wheel drive characteristic.

My opinion on what Polaris is building now.

After reading through the patent (which is not easy), it looks like it will be a military vehicle if it comes to life. Polaris is already building vehicles for the military, so this will not be anything new for them. I will say it looks like one rugged vehicle.

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All information in this post provided by the United States Patent Polaris Application 20220032701


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