Saturday, March 25, 2023
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What Does Plug ‘N Play Mean and Why is it Such a BIG Deal?

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Here at The COM, we like to advertise our plug ‘n play communication kits. But what does that really mean? And why is that a big deal for you? The answer lies in the work we do for you!

When you order a communication kit from us, either in-dash or overhead, you don’t just receive a bunch of individual boxes. Your kit comes pre-assembled and ready for installation. We do as much of the installation as possible! That means WE
-Install the radio and intercom in the bracket
-Attach all the cords
-Attach the noise filter
-Set the intercom volume
-Set the intercom VOX
-Set the radio volume
-Bench test to make sure the radio and intercom are working correctly

Because we do so much of the assembly for you, we save you hours and frustration when doing your installation! All you have to do is:
-Place the unit in-dash or overhead (No cutting of your dash!)
-Run power cord
-Run headset cords
-Run the coax cord and attach the antenna (Our swivel antenna mount mounts almost anywhere on your
roll cage!)
-Place the PTT where you want it

We also provide 24-hour support for your installation through our website. Our Tech Support page has step-by-step videos with instructions to install each of our kits, along with training videos on our intercom and radios. Or you can always call and speak to one of our techs during business hours.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow! That sounds great! But I’ll bet I’ll have to pay extra for all that!” But guess what? You don’t! You get plug ‘n play and all the equipment upgrades as part of our everyday low price. We have intentionally set our price below our competitors, so you don’t have to wait for a sale.

So, what does plug ‘n play mean, and why is it a big deal? It means you get more upgrades and less hassle for a better price. Put, you get more…for less!

Polaris RZR

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