Friday, December 2, 2022
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TKO monthly giveaway announced

Watch Stan as he announces the February winner of the TKO monthly giveaway.

Robert Giacobbi is the winner of our February giveaway!! If you would like a chance to win some of these fantastic products, all you have to do is comment “TKOAM” below!

TKO monthly giveaway announced.

TKO monthly giveaway

Adjustable Flag Mount

TKO Clamping Systems Adjustable Flag Mount can mount vertically or horizontally, thus providing an extensive range of adjustments. Easily mount flags, whip antennas, or similar accessories to bars, luggage racks, ladders, or handlebars.

For more information and products, TKO offers click HERE.

About TKO:

We are a clamp company based out of Pocatello, Idaho. Our new concept for clamping comes from our desire to not only improve the appearance of clamps but to rid all car enthusiasts of the ever-persistent frustration of using the technically challenged models that are presently available.

TKO Clamps are premium custom machined clamps. Our revolutionary design is patented and consists of a multi-hinged 3 part aluminum band, which incorporates a negative angle locking latch system. The clamps are approximately a quarter inch thick and half an inch wide. Our design uses 6061 aluminum because of its strength. We have been told numerous times that the clamp is overbuilt for the pressures required, but we haven’t changed our design as we want it that way.

We build clamps ranging in sizes from 1/2″ up to 4-5/8″ inside diameter. For sizes over 2-1/2″, call for availability.


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