TheCOM intercom can you connect it to your radio?

TheCOM talks about how to connect your 2-way radio to THE COM intercom. What radios are compatible and how to do it.

THE COM intercom

TheCOM intercom

Features of THE COM intercom

  • Upgraded stereo sound (not mono)
  • External media (i.e. phone) connectivity with 3.5mm TRRS audio cable
  • Standard 3.5mm connections (easy to replace cords in a pinch)
  • Upgraded VOX sensitivity (functions at high speeds)
  • Upgraded weatherproofing (completely solid front faceplate)
  • Upgraded volume controls (4 independent controls, instead of one shared one)
  • Upgraded clarity (software eliminated engine and 2-way radio white noise)
  • Expandable up to 8 headsets

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Meet TheCOM Family

TheCOM all started with a passion to connect with the family.  We are recreationalists and love to share the outdoors with our families. We found it difficult to communicate while riding. Side by sides are noisy. We found ourselves yelling in the cab and still not understanding one another without slowing down or stopping. Keeping track of those ahead of us or behind us was difficult. Stopping at every intersection to wait for the group was time consuming and would cost ride time.

The seed was then planted. There had to be a better way to communicate while riding so you could share your experiences while in the moment.

We tried many of the cheaper systems. Not fully understanding how frustrating it was to deal with cords, dead batteries, lack of range, and a location to put the communication device that wouldn’t be bouncing around the cockpit.

We knew we wanted the high end intercom’s and radios but the costs were steep and we didn’t want to cut or modify the side by side dash or lose our storage compartments.

We began our research and development to come up with our own system. It was a very rocky and difficult road. Radios and intercoms were difficult to connect together. Cords were hard to manage and special tools were needed to cut them to length and attach the connectors.

A year and a half later TheCOM was born. TheCOM implemented the best of what we wanted in a communication device. The intercom provides in-car private conversations while the powerful 25 watt radio provides up to 10 miles of car to car communication with those in your group. Add lights, noise filter, helmet/headset rack, antenna manager, plug-and-play install and TheCOM provides more features for less price than the high end radio/intercom systems on the market today. 

We hope TheCOM will save others the frustration, time and money that we experienced by releasing this product to the off-road community. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do. 


TheCOM Family 

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