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The ZForce Trail joins MotoAlliance Cargo Box Family.


Waiting to outfit your CF Moto with the right cargo box? The ZForce Trail joins MotoAlliance Cargo Box Family. Built for tough terrain, the ZForce Trail is exactly that. Keep your equipment protected and easily accessible while you work, play, and ride!

ZForce Trail Cargo Box

Tons of Room

Able to accommodate the gear of even the most well-prepared rider, the ZForce cargo boxes can fit substantially more than most competitors.

Superior Storage

Fits Perfectly

Designed to contour to the bed of your machine, these cargo boxes utilize every available inch and slide in effortlessly.

Specific Design

Sealed Against the Elements

Water-tight and dust-proof, the high-quality seal will give you confidence that whatever you’re taking with you on the trail will be protected.

Learn More

Watch for additional boxes in the coming months. Options for the Polaris General and the Polaris Ranger are set to arrive later this spring.

Who Are We?

At MotoAlliance, our mission is to develop high-quality powersports accessories while providing exceptional support and service throughout the buying process and beyond. We are based in the north metro area of Minneapolis, MN, and distribute across the U.S. and Canada.

As the sole owner & manufacturer of our products, we have the freedom to design, test, and innovate new solutions for off-roaders everywhere. With a team of highly skilled engineers and the industry experience necessary to source the best materials for our products–MotoAlliance blends new-school innovation, old-school quality, and top-notch support to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Each product is made with a deep sense of pride, and because we bypass traditional distribution sites, we are able to bring these products directly to you – resulting in a lower cost while maintaining the highest quality.

Where Are Our Products Made?

We do nearly all the designing here in Minnesota. After completing the design, we choose the best manufacturer we can find. We have spent years developing a substantial range of manufacturing, sourcing, and painting partners. For example,

  • We work with many various USA manufacturing companies. We love our American welders and fabricators! American production is in my blood, having grown up around grease, machines, and the amazing people that make the USA the best manufacturer in the world.
  • We have four strong partners in China. There is a lot of junk that comes from China, but there is a lot of good stuff too. We’ve spent years finding the right partners that can provide cost benefit to you without sacrificing quality.
  • We also have one partner in France….mostly because we’d all like to travel to Europe!

No matter where the product is ultimately made, you are supporting our full staff of American employees. Even our products made outside the USA help us generate the revenue necessary to grow more and more business with our American partners.

What We Care About

We are a company deeply committed to ethics, moral values, and treating people well. I teach part-time at local universities on ethics and matters of integrity. We hold each other to high standards at MotoAlliance, and we strive to be the kind of company that treats people well and provides great products — not just because it’s good business — but because each person in this world matters.

And you’ll often seen me on the public chat forums interacting at the “ground level” with our thousands of riders. It is nice to know we have nothing to hide as a company, so we can just have fun discussing the products and possibilities.

So have fun browsing our site and feel free to call or email with any questions.

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