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The COMsole how’s it made and assembled

The COMsole how’s it made and assembled. Watch the team from The COM make it easy for you with their plug and play setup.

The COMsole how’s it made and assembled

See more at: https://utvcom.com/

The COMsole – a Universal Mount Overhead COMmunications System

  • TheCOM has created a universal intercom radio communications system
  • The COMsole comes with many features that the completion either doesn’t have or charges extra for
  • See all of the options HERE

COMsole S4S Stereo Intercom & Radio~

The COMsole is a universal overhead install in the SxS market. For more information on how our products work, see our video in new customer training. The COMsole fits nearly every SXS with a roof on the market (see install placement images here). Select the optional S4S V3 intercom and get Bluetooth with pause, play, skip back, or ahead.

The Ultimate in Sound Control

Ideal for Riders with Sensitive Hearing

Standard intercoms offer only one shared volume. The S4S is the world’s only intercom with four independent volume controls. For the first time, riders who wear helmets (including children who have young, sensitive ears) can control their volume.

Ideal for Riders with Poor Hearing or Extremely Loud Machines

Standard intercoms can lack the volume a rider needs. A 4S rider typically runs the volume in the 4 to 5 clicks range, but the volume maximum is at level 16. The high excess volume enables those with hearing difficulties and/or very loud environments to hear well still. Select our ear defenders headsets (which create a physical barrier around the ear) for best results.

VOX (aka Voice Operation Exchange)

VOX keeps headset mics off (“closed”), automatically turning them on (“open”) only when someone is speaking. This feature eliminates constantly hearing background noise. It ensures your 2-way radio transmissions and your rockin’ music have a crystal clear, silent background. It is a super cool experience, especially when you’re in a very loud environment.

Many intercoms advertise VOX (sometimes called “squelch”) but lack upper-end tolerance. The rest is when you need the mic turned off the most, and background noise activates it. The S4S livers high upper-end tolerances that handle the loud conditions of high speeds still keeping the mic closed until you speak.

Getting the mic to open the exact instance you speak is critical; it’s common for riders to turn off the VOX because the mic does not open at the right moment, causing others not to hear the first sounds/words spoken. This results from the mic being too far from your lips or the VOX sensitivity being off.   The S4S makes real-time VOX sensitivity adjustments easy by placing the control at your fingertips. It also prides an extensive range of small incremental steps so you can get it perfect. With the S4, there is no need to lose the first sound every time you begin speaking.

Button setting memory

Once you get the VOX and volumes set, the S4S will keep that setting even when the device is turned off.

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