RZR XP Pro doors from Dunes 2 Dezert SXS

Watch how the installation of the Polaris RZR XP Pro doors from Dunes 2 Dezert went.

Installation of the Dunes 2 Dezert Polaris RZR XP Pro doors.

RZR XP Pro doors

Here is a look at the gaps on the doors I will be trying out. I went with this because without the factory extended flares, I don’t want mud and water getting in. I also felt the more significant gap in the rear would pull the heat out. The rear opening looks large in the picture but is less than an inch.

Overall, even without the instructions, this installation went very well. I didn’t time it, but it probably should only take about 30 minutes per door. Be sure to check out everything Dunes 2 Dezert offers at the link below.

You can find more information about Dunes 2 Dezert SXS and everything they offer HERE.

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