Quality Replacement RZR Shocks and Springs for your older Polaris 900

Niche Industries

Are you looking for an upgrade to your older Polaris RZR 900? Niche has just the thing! Our complete Piggyback Shock Absorber Kit Adjustable Suspension can take your off-road experience to a whole new level. With our adjustable shocks and springs, you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand-new vehicle. Enjoy a smoother ride, even over the roughest terrain. Niche has you covered – all you have to do is order and install! Don’t let your older Polaris RZR 900 hold you back any longer – upgrade with Niche today.

Don’t take our word for it: see what their customers are saying about Niche:

***** “Fair prices with good quality.
I have bought couple of things from Niche online on amazon and once from their website; website needs decent work but their service is very reliable. My doubts related to my axle were resolved too by them. Definitely recommended for your atv autoparts.”

***** “Have ordered a few things from this place and even had to return an item as well due to accidentally ordering the wrong part. The return was hassle free and no wait time on refund. Highly recommended in my experience.”

***** “ordered on Monday, delivered thursday. excellent price ,service, part looks of good quality. Definitly will be using this company again if possible. Thankyou.”

NICHE Shock Absorber Kit MK1008050

  • Includes: Shock Absorber Kit
  • Compatible with the following brands: Polaris
  • Compatible with the following models: RZR 900, RZR XP 900, RZR XP 4 900
  • Replaces for the following OEM MPN’s: 7043795,7043921,7043597,7043777,7043778,7043917,7043794,7043764,7043920,7043938,7043776

What’s Included:

  • 4 performance shock absorbers
  • 4 sets of mounting hardware
  • 2 spring adjustment tool
  • 2 rebound adjustment tool
Polaris Shocks and Springs
900 XP Shocks and Springs
High Quality
Front Shock Specifications
Rear shock specifications


Compression and Rebound Damping
There is an adjustment dial at the top of the fluid reservoir, turning this will either make the suspension stiffer or softer.To make the suspension softer, turn the dial counter clockwise to make the suspension stiffer turn the dial clockwise.It is important to find the right compression damping level for you and your machine, consider the terrain you will typically be riding and adjust accordingly.To determine the standard setting, turn the dial clockwise until it will not move, then turn the dial all the way counter clockwise, counting the clicks. Divide the number of clicks by 2 and turn the dial back clockwise by that number of clicks.
Adjusting Rebound Damping
There is an adjustment at the bottom of your shock absorber, turning this will increase or decrease the rebound damping.Turning the bolt clockwise will make the shock rebound slower, turning counterclockwise will make the shock rebound fasterIt is important to find the right rebound damping, this will be the point where your shock rebounds from an impact fast enough to recover for the next impact, but not so fast as to bounce the rider around excessively or break traction. This will take testing to find the setting that is right for your machine, riders, and terrain.
Adjusting Riding Height
You can use the provided adjustment tool to increase or decrease the spring preload. Increasing preload will increase the ride height.The optimal ride height will depend on the exact vehicle and rider, including riding conditions and configuration.It is important to check ride height before operating the vehicle. To check this, measure from the ground to the lowest point in the chassis or skid plate in both the front and rear. The front of your vehicle should sit 1/2 to 1 inch higher than the rear.

Easy to install

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