Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Polaris Electronically controlled transmission

Polaris recently applied for a patent on what they are calling “Electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission for a utility vehicle.”

Could this be the end of the belt? I was optimistic until I read the patent and it looks like there will still be a belt. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Final output mechanisms, therefore; Actuating means for the final output mechanisms a single final output mechanism being moved by a single final actuating mechanism the final output mechanism having an indefinite number of positions electric or electro-mechanical actuating means.

Polaris Electronically controlled transmission

A utility vehicle includes a frame assembly, a plurality of ground-engaging members supporting the frame assembly, and a powertrain assembly operably coupled to the ground-engaging members and including a prime mover and a continuously variable transmission. Additionally, the utility vehicle includes an operator defined by a portion of the frame assembly and including seating for at least an operator. The utility vehicle also includes an electrical assembly comprising an electric motor operably coupled to the continuously variable transmission. The electric motor is positioned rearward of the operator area.

A drive clutch of a continuously variable transmission, comprising:

a stationary sheave; and a moveable sheave axially spaced apart from the stationary sheave, and the moveable sheave comprises a lead screw and a lead screw nut configured to move in a generally axial direction relative to the lead screw nut, and the lead screw and the lead screw nut are positioned within a sealed enclosure.

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