Off-road vehicle

What do you think Off-road vehicle patent from Polaris is? Could it be a new Ranger or General or something totally new?


A vehicle shown herein is a Off-road vehicle, side by side utility vehicle having frame configured to effectively transfer various loads throughout the frame as whole. The vehicle may further or alternatively include a routing tray configured to retain various fluid lines of the vehicle, a transmission including a passive duct acoustical attenuation device, a door seal configured to allow the frame to contact the seal at an angle, a modular door actuating mechanism, and/or a modular skid plate.

Patent Shows:

  • Full cab enclosure
  • Flip up front and rear windows
  • Fold-down rear seats
  • Front and rear whipers
  • Locking storage options
  • Winch controls on the shifter
  • Lockable doors
  • New rear suspension design
  • New hood latch design
  • Electric window controls
  • Full heat and AC

Find all the specs and pictures on this off-road vehicle HERE.

About Polaris:

Since 1954, Polaris has proudly defined, re-defined and then raised the bar again for the powersports industry. It is reflected in the innovation we bring to the products we design and experiences we create for all those who play, work and THINK OUTSIDE.

At Polaris, we take great pride in our history as a category pioneer and current position as the global industry leader in powersports. But with leadership comes a responsibility to keep pushing the industry forward — and there are always more people in more places who could benefit from an invitation to THINK OUTSIDE. That’s why our strategy focuses on staying ahead of our customers’ needs. We will continue to deliver through elevated experiences, inspirational brands and rider-driven innovations, backed by the best and brightest people in the industry. This is what leading from the front means for Polaris. It’s a role we embrace to the fullest.

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