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Noise Filters 101. Everything you need to know about noise filters and what they can and cannot do. What electric noises they can filter out and what they can’t filter out. What causes the noises in sxs’s.

Noise Filters 101

Noise Filters 101
Noise Filters 101

This simple item eliminates the engine whine noise from coming through your speakers.

Comes with 4 holes for attachment to a flat surface.

  • Blue wire is clean power (clean +)(or positive to the filtered device) and should connect to the radio/intercom red wire
  • Black wire is ground (-) and should connect to the battery ground and the radio/intercom black ground wires
  • Red wire is incoming hot (+ to the battery) and should be connected to the positive battery or positive terminal from the source power.
  • See further instructions here or watch this example video here.

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