Monday, December 5, 2022
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Mud Nationals 2022. Fresh Gentleman 3 shows you around.

Mud Nationals 2022 was a blast watching the ATV/SXS go through the Bounty Hole full throttle. One of the biggest mud events of the year is hosted in Arkansas @ HILLAROSA ATV PARK!!! Thank you for watching.

Fresh Gentleman 3 goes to Mud Nationals 2022

Mud Nationals 2022
Miss Highlifter Mud Nationals 2022

What is High Lifter Mud Nationals?

In short, the biggest mud party in the south!

When you arrive for the 5-day High Lifter Mud Nationals experience, there is no shortage of activities to keep you and your group entertained. Most people opt to stay onsite for the full experience (more info on that here). Each day there are different competitions for attendees to spectate or even participate in. It’s your chance to win some big prize money! There are also nightly concerts, a huge vendor area with industry leading companies and games, and a food court with everything from BBQ to a burger and fries. Aside from all of the fun that High Lifter has planned, there is open riding throughout the entire park 24 hours a day.

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