Act Now to Preserve Our Offroad Trails for Future Generations

Come on people some of you need to GROW UP!!!

Have you been to an area where people need to grow up and are just out of control? We as a Powersports community need to do something about this because Rush is not the only area. It’s always the few bad apples that end up ruining it for everyone else.

Do you think RUSH OFFROAD really cares? Watch the video and interview with the owner and tell me what you think.

Listen to and read this article from WSAZ.

Grow Up People before it's too late.

As a Powersports community if this is what you do STOP! You are going to ruin it for everyone including the towns and areas that rely on revenue from the sport.

If this is someone you know ask them to STOP!

It’s our job as a Powersports community to help put a stop to this kind of activity. I’m not asking you to confront them directly or get into a conflict but REPORT it before it’s too late. Some of this type of activity is what gets people killed.

If you enjoy the sport, let’s do something about this and make the bad one grow up.

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