Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Get Ready for a Thrilling Preview of the Future of Offroading with SEGWAY POWERSPORTS and ATTURO TIRES at AIMEXPO 2023

McKinney, TX – February 7, 2023 – Segway Powersports is proud to showcase the highly anticipated 72” Villain SX10 WX for the first time at the AIMExpo, featuring the all-new Atturo Trail Blade X/T SXS Tires. This flagship model from Segway Powersports has two width options: 64 and 72 inches, across three different model options.

The Segway Villain SX10 series perfectly blends power, comfort, and style. The three different models available include the 72-inch Villain SX10 WX, 64-inch Villain SX10 X, and the Villain SX10 E, each boasting an incredible range of features. From Tensive Red to Dream Green, all the way to Innovative Gray and Bold Black, the Villain SX10 series offers a color option for any style.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such an established company like Segway to showcase the new and exciting products we are each bringing to the market,” said Michael Mathis, President of Atturo Tire Corp. Atturo Tire is an established private tire brand that has been producing high-quality tires for the SUV, Light Truck, and Muscle Car Segments of the market for over a decade. This past November, they made a big announcement – their entry into the Powersports segment with two new tire models designed explicitly for UTVs and Side-by-Sides.

Atturo has consistently pushed the boundaries when it comes to providing stylish yet aggressive tires for Powersports vehicles. Atturo recently unveiled its Industry First and Exclusive Trail Hazard™ Program to revolutionize the industry further. This unique program is designed to cover all Trail Blade SXS tires on any terrain – from highways and city streets to rough trails and open fields. All Trail Blade SXS tires come with Trail Hazard™ protection at no additional charge for all consumers who purchase them. To find out more about this exciting new program, visit Atturo.com/trailhazard.

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