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First look at the Frontline Wheels and Tires

Let’s take a look at the new Frontline wheel and tires. These are the Frontline 223 Beadlock wheels and the Frontline BDC UTV Tires from Planet SXS.

Frontline Wheels and Tires

First let’s take a look at the Frontline BDC UTV Tires.

The All-New BDC Tire

The super aggressive trail tread is our most versatile tire yet. The 10-ply redial bi-directional carcass offers optimal flex for a smooth ride and maximum traction. The wide contact provides sure-footed trail control and features a deep multi-angle shoulder tread for superior rut performance. Reinforced lower sidewall eliminates pinch flats. BDC’s innovative design delivers hi-performance results!

BDC Features

  • 10-ply rated radial, heavy duty construction
  • .75 to 1.5 -inch tread, tames hard pack and digs in loose terrain
  • True to size OD dimensions
  • Deep rim guard to protect wheel investments
23×9.50R14623.2 in..50 in.15-24795 lbs.20.5 lbs.FLBDC2314
28x10R141028.1 in..75 – 1.50 in.15-241,185 lbs.38.4 lbs.FLBDC2814
30x10R141030.0 in..75 – 1.50 in.15-241,341 lbs.43.0 lbs.FLBDC3014
32x10R141032.0 in..75 – 1.50 in.15-241,530 lbs.46.3 lbs.FLBDC3214
32x10R151032.0 in..75 – 1.50 in.15-241,491 lbs.47.4 lbs.FLBDC3215
33x10R151033.0 in..75 – 1.50 in.15-241,599 lbs.49.2 lbs.FLBDC3315
35x10R151035.2 in..75 – 1.50 in.15-241,719 lbs.56.2 lbs.FLBDC3515

Frontline 223 Beadlock wheels

Frontline 223 Wheels

The stylish new 223 wheels with a 12-spoke design. Heavy-Duty construction with 10mm billet ring, 5/16 grade hardware. The wheels have a lifetime warranty and are now available.

223 Wheels Features

  • Stylish 12-spoke design.
  • Heavy-Duty construction with 10mm billet ring.
  • -5/16” Grade 8 Hardware.
  • -Factory installed valve stem and bolt in center cap.
  • -1,200 lbs. load rating.
  • -Lifetime Structural Warranty.

My initial thought on the Frontline 223 Beadlock wheels and the Frontline BDC UTV Tires.

To start, the customer service I received from Planet SXS was second to none. I received BDC UTV tires in a 32x10x15 and the 223 Beadlock wheels with the red locking ring. I have not had a chance to install them on the machine yet because it’s still in pieces. I can’t wait to get out and give these a try. The overall look of the wheel and tire are excellent and should do very well in the trail we do most of our riding in.

Images of the setup I received.

Be sure to look at all the wheels and tires Planet SXS has to offer!


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03/14/2022 10:48 pm

The 223 Frontline in grey is looking good!!!


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