Sunday, December 4, 2022
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About HardCabs

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    When you buy a HardCabs kit, you are purchasing a cab that is not designed for 1 or 2 seasons of use, it is designed to last the life of your vehicle. Over 20 years ago when we were founded in Europe, our main product line was cabs for forklifts. Forklift cabs required rugged materials, expertly crafted designs and maximum visibility in all directions. We carried that same successful  formula over in 2008 when we designed our first UTV cab enclosure. Since that time we’ve developed over 50 models of UTV cab, all still using the same basic principles that have made us successful:
    Quality Materials, Durable Designs and Maximum Visibility.

    Our HardCabs line of products is sold through UTV dealers across the country.  These same cabs are also known by the brand names of our distributors:

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