Sunday, December 4, 2022
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    Affordably Durable Off-road Nets
    🎖️ Veteran Owned – I drove the ultimate offroad vehicle, I drove a Bradley Fighting Vehicle in the Army:) We worked hard to design and build a quality product that will be affordable and extremely durable.
    🎖️ Made in the USA – All materials and labor are from this great country – even our bungees are custom made for us in the pacific northwest – They are the strongest bungees made. We are the only company building nets that can say “Made in the USA” to my knowledge.
    🎖️ A portion of every sale is donated to Wounded Warrior Project and One Tribe Foundation – YOU are helping our country’s veterans and we THANK YOU!
    🎖️ We Ship FAST!  We keep Vet Nets in stock!  Skip the lead time when you do business with us. Over 99% of our orders ship the next day.  We will never ask for a penny unless we have it in stock. I don’t know of any other site that has nets for the Teryx, Wolverine, Rmax or Polaris General in stock.
    🎖️ Specializing in off-road nets for the Kawasaki Teryx, Yamaha Wolverine, Yamaha Rmax, and the Polaris General.  We offer high quality nets that are made from a fiberglass mesh and then pvc dipped. This gives the mesh a very high rip strength and anti-microbial properties. They also include an additional 2 bands of 1″ webbing to make them even stronger and provide structure to the net.
    🎖️ Easy load / unload system. Just pop 2 or 3 bungees on the front side – let the net hang – and you are ready to load and unload. No need to remove the entire net or a bunch of bungees or several clips. Tested and approved!!! It WORKS!!!
    🎖️ We have tried several attachment methods over the years and our custom made bungees work great and are the most durable option available.  Clips can crack and break when a branch hits them (not to mention the constant retightening) and Velcro gets filled with sand and mud over time and is not an effective option. We have tried them ALL!  These bungees are custom made for Vet Nets and are the strongest available.  If you need more bungees we have them available at a very reasonable price – versus- a tree branch breaking a clip and sewing another one on.
    🎖️ Designed for fit and tested for toughness – THEY WORK GREAT!
    🎖️ These are built to work perfectly with your factory doors and factory roll cage. Doors will still open and close.
    🎖️ Kawasaki Teryx, Yamaha Wolverine Rmax, Yamaha Wolverine and Polaris General off-road nets available.

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