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Comparing the RZR XP Ultimate and Honda Talon 1000R – Which One is Best?

Let’s take a closer look and compare the new 2024 RZR XP Ultimate and Honda Talon 1000R

2024 RZR XP Ultimate VS Honda Talon 1000R 2 Seat Models

Let’s take a look at the Dimensions

The RZR comes in at 64 inches wide, the overall length is 119 inches, and the wheelbase is 90 inches. This did not change from the previous model.

The Talon is 123.7 inches long, 68.4 inches wide, and the wheelbase is 92.7 inches.

That said, the Talon will have the same issues with width restrictions in some states. We experienced this firsthand in Wisconsin. At Wisconsin’s 65-inch width restriction, you won’t be able to ride it there along with a few other states.

Ground Clearance

The RZR has a ground clearance of 14.5 inches

The Talon comes with 13 inches

An inch and a half don’t seem like much, but when you are hiding rocky trails, every little bit helps.


The RZR and its new ProStar engine come in at 114 HP

The Talon has 105 HP.

Polaris continues to win the horsepower game. I believe they have plenty of room in the category with the new ProStar engine. They should be able to keep this status for many years to come.


The RZR weights in at 1633 pounds

The Talon comes in at 1554 pounds

The Talon’s lower HP won’t be as noticeable, with it being almost 100 LBS lighter. I still have a feeling the RZR with take it in a drag race.

Suspension Travel

The RZR comes stock with 20.5 inches up front and 20.5 inches in the rear

The Talon comes stock with 17.7 inches up front and 20.1 inches in the rear

The 17.7 inches of travel up front on the Talon is disappointing. You will definitely notice the difference in rough terrain and washboards with the Talon.


The RZR comes stock with the Trail Master X/T 2.0, 30 x 10-14 Radial Tire

The Talon comes with 28 x 9 x 15 up front and 28 x 11 x 15 in the rear. They don’t say what brand, but they defiantly don’t look as aggressive as other brands.

Stock Accessories

The RZR comes with a prity wheel equipt with the following accessories:

  • Front bumper
  • Full doors
  • Full skid plate
  • Tow loop
  • Roof
  • 4 pt harnesses

The Talon comes stock with the following accessories:

  • Front bumper
  • Half doors
  • Skid plate
  • Roof
  • Door nets


The RZR comes standard with the following technology:

  • Ride Command
  • Rockford Fosgate audio
  • LED Signature lighting
  • On-demand 2WD/4WD
  • Illuminated interior switches
  • 6-position pulse bar, pre-wired for accessories

The Talon comes standard with the following technology:

  • LCD display
  • i-4WD
  • Launch mode
  • Hill start assist
  • Six-speed DCT


RZR XP 1000 ULTIMATE Starting at $25,999 US MSRP

Talon 1000R starting at $21,099 US MSRP

The RZR XP Ultimate and the Honda Talon 1000R are both great options for those looking to buy a two-seat off-road vehicle. The RZR has an edge in horsepower, ground clearance, suspension travel, accessories, and technology out of the box. However, it comes at a higher price point than the Talon 1000R. It’s ultimately up to you as a buyer which one best fits your needs and budget. We know you won’t be disappointed with either model, whichever option you choose!

Find out more about the new RZR

Find out more about the Talon

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