Trouble shooting clutch issues


Good evening, I am having trouble with my Polaris ranger 500 2×4, its having trouble when asking for more power. It seems the belt is slipping, I smell it burning and a noise is coming from that area. The primary clutch and belt have been changed. Looking for ideas how how to trouble shoot the secondary clutch and how to rebuild it. Thanks in advance.

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Asked on 01/10/2022 4:30 pm
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We've replaced belts with no issues, but then we destroyed a belt once.  Replaced it and weren't happy. Finally removed both primary and secondary and cleaned everything.  Was surprised how much junk and thread like debris was clogged up in it.  It's been a couple of years and I don't remember all we did, but we really cleaned both drives.  Used brake cleaner and air on everything. Polished all clutch faces with a Scotch Brite pad. Ensured the weights were able to freely slide.  We did have to build a jig to hold the clutch to disassemble it.  (Jig was 18" of 2x12 wood and some bolts, very shade tree. :) )

No issues since.

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Answered on 03/02/2022 2:49 pm