Trail Riding with a bench seat? 3 seater?


I’m shopping for my first true SXS. I have had plenty of ATV’s and used lots of utility carts and Gators and such through the years, but not sure what to get for me and the kids. I’d love to have one that is more “utility oriented” for the towing capacity, but I hear that the pure-sport models tow just as well. I want to be able to move my trailer around our property, etc. etc.

The primary motivation for buying the SXS is to take the kids with me on trail rides. My oldest will be big enough to ride his own machine soon, so I’ve got the smaller two with me. I’d rather skip the 4 seater, and get something with a bench seat, but that’s usually the more utility style ones, and I wonder how they do riding off road.

We live in Florida, have some property in River Ranch, and ride various places around, in sand, mud, swamp, etc. etc.

Any thoughts on a good fit for our needs?

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Asked on 01/19/2022 4:29 pm
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I currently have a 2013 Ranger 900XP.  Bench seat.  I tow my trailer (about 1800 lbs empty) all around our property. (Yes, I am exceeding the recommended limits but for short distances and driving reasonably it seems to work fine.) I live in Florida and have property near the Okefenokee in SE Georgia, obviously it's all fairly level.  We've run wild on the trails in the Ocala National Forest and the Osceola National Forest.  We've done plenty of mud and water riding/traveling near the Swamp.

One adult and two children would be fine. Two adults is fine. Three adults, in my opinion, would be too much togetherness for a ride much further than from the road to hunting stands. Previously owned two other Rangers and a Mahindra UTV.  Trail riding in a Ranger is NOT an issue unless you're racing the wild crowd, rock climbing or the like.

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Answered on 03/02/2022 2:24 pm