Scariest thing you have seen on a SXS?


What is the scariest thing you have seen, or been part of, while riding your SXS?

Here is mine…. We were scouting a new trail in the mountains at Wild Blue in Tennessee, when our scout had us wait behind while he went ahead and checked a steep part on the unmarked trail. We had been scouting for a new trail for a PRC rally we were having later in the week. We heard a scream and heard the sound of a RZR rolling down the trail in our directions. The machine ended up on it’s side just a few yards short of a big drop off. It all happened in seconds, but it still looked like it was in slow motion as it rolled over and over. Fortunately no one was injured seriously, but it scared the crap out of all of us. We tipped the RZR back onto it’s wheels and repaired a tire. Needless to say, we tried a different route.

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Asked on 01/18/2022 3:34 pm
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While riding the HMC Trails in Wild & Wonderful WV, a deer almost came into the SXS with us.

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Answered on 02/04/2022 6:48 pm