Pellet Grill/ Smoker–Who has one?


I know…not quite SXS discussion, but I think many of us who are into SXS’s are also into similar things. I figure a few folks out there in the SXS Nation have to have one of these. I currently have all Weber grills. I started with propane for many years and went to charcoal a few years ago with great success. I seldom use the propane grill anymore unless I have it fired up along side the Weber kettle for a big crowd. I am wanting to get more into cooking and smoking ribs, pork butts, brisket, etc. I know I can technically do all of this on a charcoal kettle, but I’m not sure I have that level of dedication for the times some of these meats have to cook.
Thus, I have been shopping for a pellet grill. I started off looking at Traegers. They have some nice models and a lot of local places sell them. I stopped at the Costco event the other day hoping they would have a Pro or Tex model…they did not. I was not impressed with what they had or the price. I have since started researching and am pretty set on a Rec Tec Stampede. Its a little more than I wanted to spend, but they are mostly 304 stainless and have a true “PID” heat controller. Most folks report these things holding temps within a few degrees. Also, while its more money than I wanted to lay out for one, I think there is value in doing it once and doing it right. No sense in buying a small entry level Traeger now only to want to upgrade by the end of summer. I tend to escalate things quickly…:D:rolleyes:

Here is the one I am looking at now. Their “Bull” model is awesome, just way too big for our needs. This one will hold anything we may want including an 18-20# turkey at a more reasonable patio size. Its also small enough I may be able to wrestle it into the bed of the truck for a camping trip from time to time.

Anyone have a pellet grill?
A Rec Tec?
Any other brands to consider in the price range (from personal experience)?
Am I crazy? ­čś«

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Asked on 01/19/2022 3:03 pm
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I got into Pellet Smokers after seeing guys in my work department posting pictures in our weekly meeting of their weekend ventures. After doing some research and talking with them, I ended up going with a Z-Grills 700D. Works great for me and have done everything from a 12lb Brisket to a Spatcock Chicken on it.

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Answered on 02/10/2022 4:40 pm