12v tire inflators


Been thinking about getting ready for next years riding season ( with all the Christmas gift cards LOL) and need to upgrade my 12v tire inflator. My current unit is a real cheapy and doesn’t work very well, gets really hot within a minute, doesn’t pump much pressure and is noisey as all get out! One of these days it will just vibrate itself to death. So…in my search for inflator reviews…not much other than the Slime inflators, which have had some cma_threadable reviews from what I have read. 12v inflators does not appear to be a very hot topic for discussion so….thought I might ask the good folks on this forum what you folks are using and likes/dislikes etc…how well has it held up etc. Thanks in advance for any and all your help and have a very Merry Christmas.

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Asked on 01/08/2022 4:08 pm
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We use these, and they work well.


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Answered on 03/07/2022 6:35 am
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Slime 12V air compressors are good. If you have storage room go with the bigger.

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Answered on 03/06/2022 4:06 pm