All Electric SXS/UTVs

What do you think the future will be for the electric SXS/UTV?

We would love to hear your thoughts. Please add you opion to the comments at the bottom.

Let’s take a look at some of the electric SXS/UTVS available today or in the near future.

First let’s look at the Hisun Sector E1

Hisun is located in McKinney, TX, and the Sector E1 SXS/UTV is built in Chongqing, China. Established in 1988, HISUN Motors began manufacturing spare motorcycle parts in a tiny garage and has since grown into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of powersports vehicles.

Hisun Sector E1 SXS/UTV


The 48 Volt 27 HP AC drive train is powerful enough to go over the toughest terrain without all the noise of a gas-powered engine. Nitrogen-Assisted Independent Suspension and Four-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes will keep you in full control. They are built for stability and performance.


Battery Voltage48
Battery TypeDry Cell
Battery Capacity2080 Amp/Hours
Charge time6-10 Hours
Torque220 ft. lbs.
Drive2WD and 4WD
Range42 Miles
Person Capacity2
Empty Weight2,061 LBS
Gross Weight2,764 LBS
Tow Rating1,500 LBS
Ground Clearance11 Inches
Warranty2-year limited
Information was retained from and more information can be found at Hisun.

Next up is the Nikola NZT

Nikola Corporation is an American company that has shown the world many concept vehicles from 2016 to 2020, but as of early 2022, it has not delivered any. The Nikola NZT SXS/UTV is expected to be available in 2022.

Nikola NZT
Nikola NZT


When you start to look at the specs of the electric SXS/UTV, you will begin to see its capabilities. From its four independent motors to the 13-inch center infotainment display, this machine has some features available in luxury cars.


Battery Voltage400
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Capacity125 kWh
Charge time2 hrs to 15 hrs depending on the charger
HorsepowerUp to 590hp
TorqueUp to 775 ft. lbs.
Drive2WD and 4WD
Range150 Miles
Person Capacity4
Empty Weight5250 LBS
Gross Weight6510 LBS
Tow Rating3,000 LBS
Ground Clearance12 inches
Information was retained from and more information can be found at Nikola.

Now how about the Polaris Ranger EV

The electric Ranger is being designed and developed by Polaris and Zero at a facility in Wyoming, Minnesota, with manufacturing at Polaris’ facility in Huntsville, Alabama. The first vehicles are expected to roll out to dealerships early this year.

RANGER EV Avalanche Gray


The RANGER EV needs little maintenance, works harder, and rides smoother than any electric vehicle in its class. Quiet for the hunt and clean for the land, the RANGER EV is the standard in electric utility side-by-side vehicles.


Battery Voltage48
Battery TypeLead-Acid
Battery Capacity14.9 kWh
Charge time87 Hours
Horsepower30 HP
Torque140 ft. lbs.
Drive2WD AWD
Range35 to 45 Miles
Person Capacity2
Empty Weight1,762 LBS
Gross Weight2,762 LBS
Tow Rating1,500 LBS
Ground Clearance10 inches
WarrantyOne year
Information was retained from and more information can be found at Polaris.

Let’s look at the Rindev electric SXS/UTV

Rindev is located in Denver, CO. I could not find any information about where they are building this machine. Rindev states they are committed to investing in American jobs and protecting America’s public lands by accelerating the shift to electric within the recreational vehicle market. I did reach out to them for more information but received no response.

May be an image of car and road


We are going to call it a concept at this point. There is not much information on this machine put according to their website you can preorder it. Their claim is they started Rindev because the products on the market today do not hold up to their standards.


Battery Voltage
Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Charge time
Horsepower507 HP
Torque1,037 ft. lbs.
Range350 Miles
Person Capacity4
Empty Weight
Gross Weight
Tow Rating3,000 LBS
Ground Clearance
Information was retained from and more information can be found at Rindev.

There is a look at four electric SXS/UTVs. What are your thoughts? Please leave a COMMENT below.

He’s what I think. With the push for electric vehicles, I believe we will also see that push into the SXS/UTV market. I believe there is probably more of a market for the UTV than there is for the sport SXS. There is a significant gap in the ability of these machines to travel long distances. On top of that, where are you going to charge them? I think they have a long way to go before this is something I would consider.


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  1. Here are some comments from over at RZR Nation:

    Jose Arturo
    I dont know how i feel with those batteries going in flame going down hill or if a piece of wood pierce the batteries 🔥 water gests inside while mudding ⚡️ ☠️

    Hunter XJ
    Jose Arturo I guess you haven’t seen all the current sxs that burn down have ya lol.

    Cephus Hogan
    Must be a Biden buggy😂

    Brick Jf
    Ok so we’re just back to Jeeps now!

    Kelvin Berg
    Batteries are incapsulated. Goodbye snorkels. Goodbye maintenance.

    Will Buccieri
    Kelvin Berg i work on electric motors all day, Everything needs maintenance and all mechanical parts fail eventually
    Wheel bearings and suspension components wear out
    Motors are not waterproof and electrical components fail or fault more often than mechanical parts

    James Baker
    Kelvin Berg Good Bye all day rides.

    Rzr Georgia
    Goodbye petrol stations, engine,starter, transmission, exhaust, oil and filters, voice

    Nick Feller
    Rzr Georgia goodbye reliability. Not that we ever had reliability to begin with!

    Cassie Goldgehn
    I’m excited to see where electric SxS’s go. I enjoy watching technological growth.

    Nick Feller
    If I can’t hear it, I don’t want it

    Brandon L Johnson
    Dem prices 😮‍💨

    Anthony Conley
    No thank you

    Cody Unger

    Brandon Minick
    What about the Brawley with 400hp
    May be an image of car, jeep and text

    Marc Hom
    Brandon Minick 50 k ?

    Brandon Minick
    Marc Hom it’s 5k more than that with an extended battery!

    Marc Hom
    Brandon Minick

    Brandon Minick
    Marc Hom I’m staying with gas until we have no choice but it’s inevitable.

    Marc Hom
    Brandon Minick I don’t think inevitable. There are just as many drawbacks to electric as fuel . Such as cold weather and electric don’t mix very well . Ask a Tesla owner in the northern climates .

    Jeff Bertoni
    Keep it

    Alain Moran
    So charging stations on the trails? Well guess get ready for the golf course.

    Greg Flack
    A)Id rather someone bring me gas instead of a generator WITH GAS
    B )Batteries are heavy and charge don’t last

    Kirk Sachs
    We are 2-3 major technical innovations away from a practical electric sport sxs. Not worth even considering it yet.

    Tom Sardo
    Kirk Sachs it would be great now for a lot of people, we both know most don’t even get over 50 miles in a weekend hahahaha.

    Janet Waisanen
    Kenneth Waisanen

    Shane DeLawder
    Technology isn’t there yet and ma never be.

    Rod Eggleston
    Junk keep it

    Tom Sardo
    That’s pretty cool, would be a much simpler drive line as you only need 2 motors and 4 axle shafts. No belts or gears to deal with. Range isn’t as big an issue as most don’t drive 100+ miles in a day or even weekend. For an around the farm/property … See more

    Brandon Minick
    Tom Sardo brawley has 4 motors so no axles or any of that stuff to fail.

    Jeff Gilroy
    Brandon Minick also like $50k MSRP but they probably tear it up. My dealer was saying they get 200 miles on a charge but I bet that’s stretching it.

    Brandon Minick
    Jeff Gilroy I just want to know how they keep 400hp from breaking itself.

    Tom Sardo
    Brandon Minick I saw that but it’s also 50k, I was thinking more affordable/practical to appeal to more people.
    Like for people who can ride from their house or a place that has power. Long as you can get 50 miles per charge that would work for a … See more

    Tom Sardo
    Brandon Minick direct drive to the wheel. Nothing to break and that’s peak motor power.

    Tom Sardo
    Jeff Gilroy realistically I’d say 80% of users would be fine with 50 miles of hard use per charge.

    John Befort
    Brandon Minick so 4 motors to fail instead?

    Jeff Gilroy
    Tom Sardo yeah I’d probably agree with you. I’d need a bit more range for what I do.
    I’d probably change my mind and sell my soul if I drove one though. They’ve got to be fast as heck.

    Brandon Minick
    John Befort motors are such a simple machine that it makes them reliable by nature.

    Kai Herrmann
    John Befort i wouldn’t worry about that. How many years do your electric motor ceiling fans last? 10? 20? Electric motors are very, very reliable and long lasting.

    Brandon Minick
    Tom Sardo brawley is saying 200 mile range

    Kyle Rishor
    They weigh more than a car😮

    Carl Sykes
    May be an image of text that says ‘7:16 M Wed Feb Priced at $34,950.00* *Destination and preparation not included 82% Bosco Blue Atomic Green Brawley™ by the numbers* HORSEPOWER 303 lb-ft TORQUE TQU(Ib-ft) (Ib-ft) 360 MILES ON CHARGE (est.) 140’

    Wesley Kemp

    Carl Sykes
    Higher priced is fully enclosed with heat and AC

    William Kahler
    Maybe this is Robby Gordons next ponzi scheme lol!

    Kai Herrmann
    I want one. No engine noise, no cvt, heat and AC, tons of torque for rock crawling. Too bad they’re going to cost as much as a Jeep.

    Hunter XJ
    Cannot wait to see the electronic world play out, more power, less bullshit. It’s gonna be a good time 🤘

  2. Here are some comments that were received or at Teryx Nation:

    Aaron Corro
    42 mile range!?
    Ha. That’s a joke…right!?

    Ken Winter
    Aaron Corro how many miles would it get if ya put tracks on it…… 20
    No thanks

    Aaron Corro
    Ken Winter
    20 if you’re lucky!!!

    John Devine
    Is this the Speed UTV everyone’s talking about?

    Randy Krauthamer

    James L Syfrett
    how this thing going to handle water and mud and other cases rocky tarrain

    Joe Allbritten
    Lithium Ion battery gets damaged and the thing catches on fire!

    Bob Logan
    Should be fun on a 100,mile ride…wherr a real teryx would have to tow you home

    Daniel Turnage
    Some of these guys would still think their hot and loud 😂

    Jeff Mettille
    Daniel Turnage true

    Matt Selph
    Yall busy talking shit about these but these are just the first of their kind and already doubling and quadrupling the torque of your SXS… I prefer gas to electric but as batteries become more advanced/durable, electric motors are superior… in EVERY application. Look around you.. electric motors everywhere.

    Anthony Deeds
    Matt Selph coincidence that you have a , “let’s get vaccinated” banner? Maybe, probably not, but maybe.

    Matt Selph
    Anthony Deeds that’s done as a joke… lol I’m not vaccinated. #pureblood

    Anthony Deeds
    Matt Selph, your humor is appreciated and therefore makes you an exalted member of this group. That said, the electric motor has a longggg way to go. Unless they make major improvements to longevity, and timely, I’m not quite sold.

    Anthony Deeds
    I’m am though, extremely hopeful 🤷‍♂️ hell, I’m all for it.

    Matt Selph
    Anthony Deeds I’m not sold either… but the improvements are happening. I’m still putting dinosaur juice in all my motors..

    William Smith Dawson
    Matt Selph everyday i drive a Tesla very powerful and stage 2 at home while I sleep.300 miles a day. Never had to go to a supercharger yet

    Jason R. Swarm
    The way we ride we would be electrocuted the first time out. We play in the mud too much for that.

    Donaldson Errick
    Jason R. Swarm I’d run out of juice to quick crawling on rocks

    JT Nicholson
    Donaldson Errick me too

    Blaze Kaltenbaugh
    It would have to be real water tight for me to trust it after seeing all those flooded teslas burn.

    Aj Learn

    Don’t roll it. Wieght flatten ya

    Aj Learn

    These are suppose to be off road toys. Not freaking cars. Costs are already ridiculous

    Douglas Snider
    You do realize that it takes fossil fuels to produce all the components of these electric toys right?
    Including the plastic cases the batteries use.
    Mankind can’t exist without petroleum and coal.
    China knows it… Russia knows it… India knows it…seems the entire world knows it except for the woke stunning and brave crowd.
    For every coal mine closed in the United States the other countries are opening up three new plants.
    Wake up and smell the gas fumes folks!
    Solar panels are maintained by gas powered pressure washers to clean the dirt off the panels…panels made with petroleum products.
    Windmills use 50-60 gallons of oil to to lubricate the inner workings in each windmill and needs to be changed at regular intervals.
    We are light years away from a futuristic Jetsons scenario..
    But don’t let the facts stop you from clicking those ruby slippers together while chanting….”there’s no fuel like renewable fuel” three times!
    Hell, it could work, worth a shot I guess. 🤪

    Joseph Casanova
    Y’all better enjoy the mud holes now hearing all the motors, soon it’ll be so quiet. All ya gonna hear is radios and people talking.

    Edward Berger
    I watched my 2yr old drive his power wheel four wheeler across the house last night and thought to myself , he’ll never grow out of the power wheel stage ,
    It’ll be bigger power wheels as he gets older and everything is electric 🤦‍♂️

  3. 150-300 mile range ? Hell we ride 300-500 miles at a time—this would be completely useless…. No charging stations in the middle of no where- besides the electrical grids cant keep up—-complete was of $$$- just more control over us

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